• Hamburger Royale served with lettuce and vegetables
  • A cocktail glass closeup
  • Macaroons served on a plate with cream and covered with chocolate glaze
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About us

Founded in 2007, Café Monte French Bakery and Bistro was created to be your “Escape from the Everyday.” Our goal… to create a casual-gourmet restaurant for the neighborhood, while utilizing only the freshest ingredients and French culinary traditions to deliver an exceptional experience to our guests. Since then we have become a favorite for visitors from near and far.

Classical training and world travel inspired the casual gourmet concept that we have today. Having lived and worked for years in Latin America, in places like Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico, and having had a chance to visit France, China, and other places in-between at an early age, my passion for international cooking and natural ingredients was developed over time. Our goal is to be a neighborhood home away from home, wherever you come from.

At Café Monte – French Bakery and Bistro, your experience will be world-class. Enjoy our quick counter service or full-service approach. Fresh food, “from-farm-to-table” specialties, served in French provincial style. Enjoy the quality, service, and atmosphere found at
Café Monte – French Bakery and Bistro